Vision™: Maximizing the Performance
of Surgical Facilities

When it comes to managing patient information and facility operations,
ambulatory surgical centers and specialty hospitals require a customized
solution built with their unique needs in mind. That’s why at
SourceMed, we’ve devoted more than 30 years to growing and refining our
applications to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

Built on market innovations, Vision™ sets an elevated standard in surgery
center management software, meeting the needs of highly specialized
ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and specialty hospitals. This complete
financial and clinical management solution eliminates time-consuming
manual processes, maximizing revenue and enabling staff to focus on
service to patients and physicians, all while accessing timely, accurate
data for improved decision-making.

Our web-enabled technology provides one advantage after another,
seamlessly integrating clinical and administrative processes. Vision™
provides security, scalability, integration with third-party systems, and
flexibility for growth while offering many other continuous benefits.

  • Minimal maintenance and investment
  • Flexible deployment and optional enterprise capabilities
  • Forward-looking industry standard protocols
  • Rich Internet application

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